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Cosmetic Tattooing



Microblading is a natural looking brow  tattoo mimicking the look of hair strokes. Best suited for Dry-Normal skin as oils in your skin will blur the strokes making them look patchy and push the pigment out faster. 
Oily skin is best suited to either Machine styles

Machine Combo

Machine Ombre

Machine ombre brow gives you the look of a freshly powdered brow. This style can be as soft (like a fresh tint on the skin) or as dense as you like, keeping the fronts softer and blend to a more defined tail.
Suits all skin types

Machine Combo is a mix of microblading and ombre powder brows. The amount of microblading/powder look is customized to suit each client depending on their desired look and current hair on the brows. 
Suits all skin types

$500 ($65 touch up within 3 months) 

Additional touch ups $65

12-18 months $275

24 months- $385

$550 ($165 touch up within 3 months) 

Additional touch ups $165

12-18 months $385

24 months- $450

$600 ($165 touch up within 3 months) 

Additional touch ups $165

12-18 months $385

24 months- $450

Aqua lip / Lip blush

Aqua lip is perfect for those wanting a sheer coverage lip tattoo. Think of it like a tinted lip gloss coverage with a  nice softly defined boarder

Full/Ombre Lip

Ombre Lip is suited best for those wanting a full lip colour. This is lipstick coverage

$400 ($150 touch up within 3 months) 

Additional touch ups $150

12-18 months $300

24 months- $385

$450 ($150 touch up within 3 months) 

Additional touch ups $165

12-18 months $350

24 months- $400

Eye Liner

Lash Enhancement

Lash enhancement tattoo is a subtle liner designed to enhance you lash line making your lashes look thicker from the base. This is a very natural looking service, can be done on top and bottom or just one

Eye liner

Full eye liner tattoo coming soon.
With or without wings or shading
Winged liner tattoo is a fuller lash line tattoo with a wing added, customized shape for your eye shape

$450 ($165 touch up within 3 months) 

Additional touch up $150

$500 ($150 touch up within 3 months) 

Additional touch up $150

Important Information

You must be over 18

If you have any previous cosmetic tattooing in the area, please send through a clear photo of the tattoo prior to booking. On some occasions you may need removal beforehand if the brows havn't faded enough or the shaping isn't correct done by someone else.

Children under the age of 18 are not permitted in the tattooing room due to WHS laws and insurance. If you bring your child you will need to have someone to watch/sit with them out the front of the studio

Botox/filler must be done a minimum of 2 weeks prior

Topical anesthetics are used during your appointment containing lignocaine and epinephrin. We suggest pre numbing before your appointment (brows) by getting some numbit or emla from the chemist and applying 60mins prior

If you are taking any medications please be aware that they can affect your tattoo and how they heal. Some medications such as any photo sensitising antibiotics, Roaccutane, High dose anti inflammatory medicine or topical medical creams will need to be ceased 6 months before you can be tattooed.

Many things can alter the end result of the pigment colour in the skin; colour and depth of pigment, oils in your skin, sun exposure, skin care you use at home, general health and medications used and neglecting to follow home care instructions

Healing is mild, the tattoo will appear quite harsh and dark initially until they start to flake off, leaving a much softer pigment. True colour takes 4-6 weeks to show through. Colour can be adjusted at your touchup appointments

If you are pregnant, you MUST provide a doctors certificate allowing you to be tattooed. Breastfeeding is ok but you must be able to pump and dump 2x feeds after your tattoo.

How to prepare for your tattoo


- You will need to come with your skin already numb FOR BROWS ONLY, please go to the chemist and ask for NUMBIT and apply 60mins before your appointment. For best results pack it on and cover with gladwrap to ensure it stays wet.

- Do not take aspirin or ibuprofen for pain relief. This thins your blood.

- Stop taking any fish oil or Vitamin E one week prior (this also thins your blood)

- Must not be undergoing chemo or taking and antibiotics.

- Must not be pregnant.

- Do not wax, tint or tweeze your brows 5 days before.

- You must not get your face burnt or have 2 weeks before.

- Discontinue Vitamin A/Retinol products one MONTH prior to treatment.

- Do not work out the day of your tattoo.

- Avoid drinking alcohol 24-48 hrs before your tattoo and NO COFFEE/Caffeine the day of your tattoo to stop excessive bleeding and poor colour deposit.

- Do not have Botox 3 weeks prior.

- Must not be taking Roaccutane - needs to be ceased 6 months prior

- Autoimmune conditions need to be communicated prior to tattooing to ensure you are ok to be tattooed or seek a letter from your doctor
- Must not have eyelash extensions

- Must not be using any lash serums for a minimum of 3 months prior, these plump your blood vessels and increase blood flow

- Must not be using glaucoma eye drops - check with your doctor

- Must not have any Styes/conjunctivitis/blepharitis

- Please come with no makeup on your eyes

- Highly vascular eyelids may be turned away or only suitable for a thin lash enhancement

How to care for your tattoo post procedure


  • Day 1  - 2

Wash your brows with a gentle cleanser (provided), pat dry, apply a drop of aftercare cream.

  • Day 3 – 10

  • Keep the brows completely dry in the shower. Apply aftercare cream once a day sparingly. Dabbing clean with a damp cotton pad before re applying.

  • Once the brows have finished scabbing, you may get them wet. After 2 weeks, you may get them wet either way and pat dry.

  • Do NOT rub, pick or scratch the area.

  • Avoid strenuous activity (e.g. anything that will make you sweat, or steam from the shower) for 5 days after treatment and do not go swimming for at least 3 weeks.

  • Do not wear makeup over the brow for one week following treatment as this may affect the tattoo pigment holding. Do not allow shampoo near the area.

  • Only use the aftercare cream provided or recommended by your therapist, A thin smear on a cotton tip once a day.

Be sure not to over apply as this will suffocate your skin and delay healing, the ointment should be barely noticeable on the skin

  • Do not have laser or facial treatments until the site has finished healing.

  • Colours will appear dark then soften after the scabbing flakes off. True colour will show after 4 weeks.

  • Avoid direct sun exposure or tanning for 4 weeks, wear a hat outdoors.


  • The lips must be kept moist for the first 5 days by applying aftercare cream with a cotton tip. As often as you need.

  • You MUST clean the fluid off the lips for the first 24 hours with a wet cotton pad. This will help the lips to not form a heavy scab that can encourage pigment out of the skin.

  •  Slight swelling is normal.

  •  Expect scabbing to appear anywhere from day 2-5.

  •  Be careful not to eat spicy or acidic foods for a few days as this can sting the lips.

  •  If you are prone to cold sores or have ever had one, you are likely to have a breakout on day 4 which could be from mild to severe. The best approach for this is to either get a prescription for ‘VALTREX’ from a doctor or go to your local pharmacist and ask for ‘FAMVIR’ both medications are anti-viral to help minimize a breakout.

  • The touch up is not before 6 weeks and may require more than one touchup. The colour almost completely disappears once the scabs fall off but slowly resurfaces over the next 6 weeks.

  • Some clients may experience Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation after the procedure especially if they have melasma already or are over Fitzpatrick 3.


  • Do not touch the area for 5 days (or until the scabs have fallen off)

  • Dry heal - this means no creams are used on the tattoo as this is a high irritation zone. The eyes will naturally lubricate.

  • Do not get water on the area while healing, if they are weeping gently wipe with a damp cotton pad.

  • Eyeliner may shrink during the healing process, and it may loose 20%-50% colour due to the rejection of a foreign body.

  • If swelling occurs (Very normal) you can take an antihistamine and use a cold compress over the area. Swelling will subside after 24-48hrs.

  • Do not reapply any false lashes or lash extensions until 2 weeks after fully healed.

  • No lash extensions until after the touchup session.

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